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32 c.p., 110v?

Came from:


September 2002

Bulb rarity:

Bigger vs. 16 c.p.

32 c.p. Carbon Lightbulb

This is a 32 candlepower carbon filament lightbulb. It does not have a sticker showing the actual rating, however this size is typical of 32 candlepower. This bulb is a little bit harder to find than the smaller, 16 c.p. carbon lightbulbs from the 1900's, which are very common. This particular bulb has platinum lead-in wires (the short shiny wire segments that connect the base to the carbon filament through the stem's glass). I don't remember how much I paid for this one, but it was probably something around $10 USD. This is definitely not the largest carbon lightbulb you will find, but it is indeed a larger version of the usual common old 16 c.p. carbon bulbs that are most abundant.

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