Information Sheet
Rating: 75w, 125v

Came from: Mexico

Manufactured: 1990's

Purchased: 1990's

Bulb rarity: Common

Features: Deep tinted blue glass

Philips 75w True Light Bulb

This bulb is a classic 'Daylight' or 'True Light' incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament, made by Philips and sold in Mexico. Most incandescent daylight bulbs available these days are of the Neodymium type, which have more of a purplish color rather than this deep blue hue. These were invented in the 1910's (or perhaps earlier; I don't know what the exact date is). This is a modern version made in the 90's. With the advent of compact fluorescent bulbs, which resemble natural light much closer than this bulb, I do not think these have much of a future left. Last time I checked, in 2005 or so, they were still available in store shelves in Mexico, but I haven't checked since.

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