Most of the photos on this website (excluding the photos in the database, and a few pictures here and there) were taken by me, with the intention of using them to educate the public about lightbulb collecting. They may be used freely for educational purposes, as long as credit is given to this website. I also allow usage of text for auction descriptions, as long as a link is provided back to my website on the auction listing. If you prefer, you can also link directly to the page that contains the info you need. I do not allow using them on other websites or on youtube channels, except by educational institutions.

This website contains pictures sourced from online auctions, mainly in the database. The copyrights belong to the people who originally took each picture. Due to the nature of online auctions, many, if not all of these photos have already served their original purpose, so I've "borrowed" them purely for educational purposes. If you own one or more of these pictures and want it removed, please send me a message here.

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