Information Sheet
Rating: 16w, 120v

Came from: U.S.A.

Manufactured: By GE

Purchased: 1990's

Price paid: $10

Bulb rarity: Rare

Avg. Life: 9000 hrs.

Light Output: 700 lumens

Features: Mini starter bulb inside

Early Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulb

This is a very early compact fluorescent bulb. It is different from today's compact fluorescent bulbs in that: a). It has a full glass dome cover; b). It's got a tiny starter bulb inside instead of the modern electronic starters used today; C). It takes 2 seconds to light up; D). It is VERY heavy. So heavy in fact, that the box it came with warns that it "May cause instability of free standing lamps"! It came in an elegant cardboard box, unlike today's CFLs which come with cheap transparent plastic packaging.

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