Modern Lightbulbs
This gallery last updated on: May 27, 2010

Electronic Lightbulbs
Automatic On/Off SAF-T-GARD Floodlight

IQ Bulb With Integrated Dimmer

Halogen Lightbulbs
90w Thick Glass Halogen Bulb

Thick Glass Sylvania 50w halogen bulb

Lightbulbs With Unusual Shapes
Bulb Shaped Like A Doorknob

Tapered Bulb

Foreign Lightbulbs
Duro-Test Lightbulb (Mexico)

Japanese National Bulb

True Light Bulbs
Philips 75w True Light Bulb

GE Reveal True Light Neodymium Bulbs

Colored Bulbs
Bug-Repelling Bulbs

Neolamp Boemia Italian Red Chandelier Bulb

High-Wattage Bulbs
GE Clear 200 Watt Bulb

GE Frosted 300 Watt Bulb

Projector Lightbulbs
CXR/CXL "Diver Dan" Projector bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Early Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulb

Other Bulbs
Frosted SOLAR 140v Bulb

GE Diesel Bulb

Unusual Frosted Ceiling Fan Bulbs

GE Stained Glass Bulb

Tiny GE Spotlight Bulb

Abused Quartz Halogen Bulbs

Bulb Nonsense
Fake Bulb

Philips Softone Bulb Turned Into A Bottle

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