Information Sheet
Rating: 120v, 85w

Came from: U.S.A.

Manufactured: 1990's

Purchased: 1990's

Bulb rarity: Rare

Avg. Life: 3000 hrs.

Features: Light sensor, built-in dimmer

Automatic On/Off SAF-T-GARD Floodlight

This is an 85 watt floodlight made by GE, which is unique in that it's got a built-in light sensor that turns the bulb on or off automatically, depending on the amount of external light. This photocell sensor was positioned on a plastic strip, in a way that it would not turn the bulb off due to the bulb's own light. This is a halogen floodlight, so it is made of thick glass. I think the reason for using such thick glass is to protect people in case the internal halogen bulb explodes.

These lamps do not work well indoors. If you do use it indoors, it will stay lit on low power during the day, thinking it's dusk or dawn. It doesn't go directly from on to off; Apparently it's also got its own built-in dimmer circuit. This one is from circa 1994, and is likely no longer being made.

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