Information Sheet
Rating: unknown

Came from: U.S.A.

Manufactured: 1920's?

Purchased: September 2002

Price paid: $2 plus sh.

Bulb rarity: Very rare

Features: Ruby red glass envelope

Small Ruby Red Carbon Bulb

This is a small, tipless carbon filament bulb, with a deep Ruby Red-colored envelope. This bulb is quite heavy for its size, its glass envelope being quite thick. This bulb may have been used in a darkroom lamp, for developing black & white film. The filament in the picture of it lit appears to show a purplish/pink color, but in reality it gives off a deep red hue. You can find a picture in the "Related Links" box below showing a color much closer to the real thing. I am not entirely sure if this bulb should be considered an antique or a vintage bulb, but I suspect that this bulb may be an early attempt at creating a tipless bulb because The lead-in wires seem to be made of platinum (as far as I can see; the colored glass is so thick, it's real hard to see the internal parts, even against the sun!), and because I can't see an exhaust port inside the stem. I would have to destroy the bulb to make sure it's a genuine "early tipless" bulb (made in 1906-1910), but by then, it would no longer be a bulb... So, no thanks. So, I decided it will remain in the vintage gallery, since it is well known that tipless bulbs went mainstream in 1922. Any extra info will be appreciated.

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