Information Sheet
Rating: 50w, 120v

Came from: U.S.A.

Manufactured: 1999

Purchased: 1999

Price paid: $5

Bulb rarity: Common

Features: Halogen capsule

Thick Glass Sylvania 50w Halogen Bulb

This halogen bulb was made in the very late 90's. It's got a thick glass envelope and was manufactured by Sylvania. I like it so much that I chose it as the background picture for this website.

Curiously, a lot of sellers on eBay have put these up for auction thinking they are old, collectible bulbs.

There is a small halogen capsule inside this bulb. Under the right conditions, these capsules can suddenly explode, and send shards flying everywhere. My guess is that's the reason why the glass on this bulb is so thick, to keep the shards inside in case of an explosion.

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