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This website features part of my Antique & Vintage light bulb collection, including items such as sockets and other bulb-like items such as tubes, rectifiers, and flashbulbs.

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Update Log
Aug/18/2020: I've added the new Your Light Bulbs page, where visitors like you can have your light bulb photos posted for free.
Jun/30/2020: The "Highly Collectible Light Bulbs" section on the Bulb Archives page has received a major overhaul.
Jan/12/2020: The 2019 auction archive is now up. I documented around 500 light bulbs that were sold in auctions last year (that was a LOT of work). Also, the website is now fully compatible with mobile devices as of October 2019.
Jun/20/2019: I am in the process of renovating the entire website. Currently optimizing pages for modern screen resolutions (including tablets and phones) and reviewing all of the existing text, down to the last sentence.
Jan/11/2019: Fixed the email contact form! I had ignored this website for many years and didn't realize it had stopped working. But I'm back to working on it.

We've had many visits to the main page since 1/9/2004. We used to have a counter here, but it broke. The last reading was 22,967 on Oct-30-2017.