2019 Auction Archive (page 2)

This is page 2 of the 2019 archive. If you have questions, feel free to send me a message.

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GE electric three frosted carbon filament heat bulb radiator heater, copper lined ($310, $60 shipping) apr-2019
GE General Electric Photo Micrographic Light Bulb 30A 11V mogul bi-post aug-2019
GE Mazda & Westinghouse Mazda small frosted light bulbs 25W 6V, untested ($5 not sold) dec-2019
GE mazda 1000L light bulb 92w 120v, marked FOR GROUP REPLACEMENT jan-2019
GE mazda 1000w airport beacon light bulb from Ft. Lauderdale Florida jun-2019
GE mazda 200w 120v clear light bulb with original sleeve, marked P.S. OF N.I. ($8, $9.70 shipping) jul-2019
GE mazda airway beacon light bulb for picture projection 1000W 115V NIB may-2019
GE Mazda tipless 23w 130v light bulb with PENNSYLVANIA stamped on top ($20, $7 shipping) dec-2019
GE NE-56 neon glow light bulbs sep-2019
GE tungar rectifier bulb 189049 with original box and card ($15 not sold) apr-2019
Genie Insect Bulb kills flies and insects, with box, works ($15 b.i.n.) feb-2019
Giant frosted blue mazda light bulb 1000w 120v ($10) jan-2019
Gilmore Elec. Co. SO. BOSTON TH Thomson-Houston light bulb with socket ($260 not sold) oct-2019
Huge 1000w 130v GE light bulb w. Mogul Base, Bonus Line Lamp w. axial coiled coil tungsten fil., w. sleeve, dud ($13 not sold) nov-2019
Huge GE mazda light bulb 750w 120v with wrong box clear PS-52 ($27 not sold) jul-2019
Huge lot of 65 westinghouse mazda cobalt blue and ruby red light bulbs 1930s ($300, $25 shipping) may-2019
Huge tungsten light bulb skirted brass base, clear glass, probably 1000w ($29 not sold) oct-2019
HYLO light bulb adjustable light output with switch built into its base 110v 1-16cp jun-2019
I.P. Frink Linolite Double-Ended Light Bulb 11 inch Long 40w 115v ($25, $9.74 shipping) apr-2019
ITT light bulb 500w 120v USA marking aug-2019
Kokka Hana Denkyu Tokyo buddhist Flower Light Bulb Made in Japan 1950s ($40) jul-2019
Large 200w 275v GE Mazda Mine light bulb, clear ($25 not sold) dec-2019
Large clear 1500w light bulb MAGNO-TRONIC Special Service 4000 hours weatherproof ($75 not sold) feb-2019
Large hygrade tungsten cage filament light bulb 94w RAILWAY 5 in series on 600v, used ($14, $7.74 shipping) jul-2019
Large inside-frosted cobalt blue light bulb with skirt extension, likely a 1000w theatre light, works dec-2019
Large mogul-based round 500w mazda light bulb ($3.94 not sold, $10.40 shipping) feb-2019
Large tipless carbon filament light bulb jul-2019
Large tipped frosted carbon heat bulb for early electrical heat radiator, heavily smoked aug-2019
Large top-frosted tipped dual filament early GEM light bulb ($67.50, $10 shipping) mar-2019
Large Westinghouse Mazda Light Bulb with Mogul Base ($64.50, $10 shipping) mar-2019
Light bulbs lot, edison GEM, heater bulb, neon crucifix, 220v carbon bulb ($36 + $9.85 shipping) jan-2019
Light's golden jubilee edison bulb replica 1929 ($89, $12.60 shipping) may-2019
Light's golden jubilee edison bulb replica 1929 with original box ($130, $26 shipping) jun-2019
Lot of 10 antique light bulbs incl. unearthed tantalum bulb, none work ($30 not sold) jun-2019
Lot of 10 antique light bulbs incl. vibration resistant cage filament bulb ($100 not sold) may-2019
Lot of 3 light bulbs, carbon heat bulb, 40w mazda, stereopticon bulb ($10, $8.60 shipping) jan-2019
Lot of 4 bulbs incl. gilmore elec co. Boston bulb with 3 loop filament, also mazda, edison, frosted carbon bulb ($16, $15 shipping) aug-2019
Lot of 5 light bulbs, cage filament and carbon filament, COMCO Japan, property of the schenectady utility co. ($25, $12 shipping) oct-2019
Lot of 6 coiled tungsten tipped early automotive light bulbs ($35 not sold) sep-2019
Lot of 7 old light bulbs incl. edison tubular, 32cp carbon filament, tungar bulb, mccandless 2cp 115v, filaments intact sep-2019
Lot of 9 small frosted and colored 3 loop filament marquee carbon bulbs feb-2019
Lot of 9 working light bulbs, painted chinese lantern, Edison Mazda, nalco, westinghouse ($22.50, $13 shipping) feb-2019
Lot of light bulbs edison GEM and westinghouse mazda 15 watt, champion lamps jun-2019
Lot of various bulbs and sockets incl. edison-westinghouse combo base bulb, only 1 works ($180 not sold) jun-2019
Low voltage mystery light bulb, christmas tree filament, mogul base with adapter included ($24.50, $8 shipping) apr-2019
LUX cage fil. light bulbs box w. 4 sleeves and 3 bulbs, only 1 is actual LUX, others are mazdas, all untested ($11.50, $8 shipping) nov-2019
Luxor coiled tungsten filament light bulb bonus rated 150w 125v, works ($6.90, $5.50 shipping) nov-2019
Mazda airway beacon 1000w 30v mogul base projection light bulb ($40 not sold) jul-2019
Mazda cage fil. bulb w. unusual label CHAMPION TUNGSTEN licensed under GE 25w 125v Type B vacuum lamp ($9, $9.50 sh.) apr-2019
Mazda photo enlarger light bulb No. 212 115v ($10 not sold) apr-2019
Mazda tipped tubular tungsten cage filament light bulb 25w 110v jan-2019
Menley & James Ltd 285V 200W tipped carbon filament round heat bulb from UK dec-2019
Miniature horseshoe carbon filament exhaust tip light bulb with 10V label ($20, $3.94 shipping) mar-2019
Miracle of 1879 edison golden jubilee commemorative replica light bulb, perfect cond. ($96, $8 shipping) oct-2019
Miracle of 1879 edison golden jubilee commemorative replica light bulbs 1929 & 1969 ($75, $16 shipping) nov-2019
Mogul base edison mazda tungsten cage filament light bulb, broken filament ($3, $5.38 shipping) jan-2019
Motion picture studio round mogul bi-post light bulb RADIANT 2000w 120v ECK-3350K, 8 listed, only 1 sold ($100, $21.50 sh.) dec-2019
Mushroom tipped light bulb Sunlite Pope-Holland 130 25, european base, from Belgium apr-2019
NALCO C7 115V 2CP tipless candelabra base carbon Light Bulbs in box of 25 ($85, $8.20 shipping) apr-2019