Japanese National Bulb

This is a common Japanese light bulb that a friend brought me when she went to Japan. It is made for the unique 100 volt power supply that is used only in Japan, and consumes 57 Watts (or is that 60 Watts? Both are printed on the bulb). It was made in the 90's, back when incandescent light bulbs like this one were still the norm. I can't imagine these are still being made, they are probably long gone. After some research, it turns out that this light bulb was made by Panasonic, and that "National" is just a brand name of theirs.

Here's what I managed to understand from the packaging by clumsily hand-drawing each kanji into google translate:

シリカ = Silica
電球 = Light bulb
ホワイト = White
形 = Type (or shape)

So basically: 60 Watt Type, National silica light bulb, white.

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