Red Painted Mazda Light Bulb

This tipless Mazda light bulb might be some sort of large indicator light, like a fire alert or other safety light, perhaps used in an emergency exit or something like that, but I don't know. The flat red paint has a cheap feel to it. I got this one together with a second identical bulb, but the other one did not work. These have the uncoiled, tungsten cage filament, and the one pictured still retains its original sticker. In my opinion, painted old bulbs like this one are mostly junk, even to bulb collectors. I see them listed for auction all the time, and nobody ever buys them. But I bought this one because the paint is in fairly good shape and because I got it for a mere $2, plus this one is a more early design of painted bulb, since they tend to be coiled filament designs (this one is uncoiled cage filament). And since the sticker is on top of the paint, this must be original paint applied at the factory. I have seen painted bulbs where the paint was on top of the label.

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