Thick Glass Sylvania 50w Halogen Bulb

This halogen bulb was made in the very late 90's. The glass envelope is heavily sculpted and very thick, and was manufactured by Sylvania. I like it so much that I originally chose it as the background picture for this website, back when I was a teenager and my collection was really small.

Curiously, a lot of sellers on eBay have put these up for auction thinking they are old, collectible bulbs, which they're really not. I have one only because I saw it in a store years ago, and I bought it at retail price.

There is a small halogen capsule inside this bulb. Early halogen capsules like this one can suddenly explode, usually towards the end of their life, and send shards flying everywhere. To mitigate this problem, early halogen bulbs have very thick glass envelopes (like on this bulb), which would nullify the effect of the halogen capsule exploding.

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