Contact Me

Before you message me, please first check the list of most commonly found light bulbs, or look in the Bulb Auction Archives, which I've painstakingly compiled for your benefit. Most of the questions I get are for light bulbs already included in those pages.

If your bulb is not shown on those pages, or you just want additional information about one of those bulbs, or have any other kind of question or concern, then feel free to message me. Please be sure to SPECIFY what you would like to know about your light bulb. Strangely, a lot of people basically say "I have this light bulb" but forget to ask any specific questions. Any emails like this will be ignored.

I may not have an answer for every question, but I will tell you what I know. I will definitely need pictures of your light bulbs. Without pictures I can't be of much help. My email form does not support sending photos, but you can simply send them later after I reply.

Lastly, for those hoping to sell their light bulbs to me, just please know that I do not buy light bulbs at "I'll never see that money again" kind of prices. I'm a budget-conscious collector, like many are. I'm generally not interested in haggling or "making you an offer". Just be straight-forward and tell me how much you want for it. I'm mostly interested in buying antique light bulbs (those with a "tip" on top), and not vintage or modern ones.

I enjoy helping people with their questions, so if the information I provided was useful to you, please let me know, and that's all I need. I get a lot of questions from people who have inherited an antique light bulb from a family member and want to know more about it.

Message me here.