Light Bulb Auction Archives (under construction)

This section is meant to give the non-collector a glimpse on the kinds of collectible light bulbs that can be found, as well as provide an idea as to which bulbs are rare finds and which are common finds, and what they are usually worth. All of the bulbs shown here were bought/sold on auction websites. If you would like to know more about a particular bulb, feel free to send me a message, and I'll tell you what I know. This page will receive a large update in January 2020.

Auction Archives

2019 Archive
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Most-Common Old Light Bulbs

The following bulbs are very common finds. Unless you have several of them, many of these will cost more to ship individually to a buyer than what they're worth. Others (like the flashbulb cartons, and the giant 1000 Watt and 300 Watt bulbs) are hardly ever purchased for any amount. (I did buy a single 300 Watt bulb that was mint and had an extremely unusual marking). And a few (like the GE Deluxe GA-50, the Aerolux neon glow flower bulbs, and the C6 christmas lights) sell fairly well, despite being so abundant. Click or tap on an image to see a full-size view:

1910's tipped and 1920's tipless Edison Mazda 50w light bulbs
1900s carbon filament light bulbs 16cp 110v
Varicure, nalco, munder, or thermolite therapeutic carbon heat bulbs 260 Watt
Giant clear 1000 Watt tungsten light bulbs
1930's coiled tungsten streetlighting bulbs, 300 Watt
Mercury vapor streetlighting bulbs
Airway Beacon 1000 Watt projection bulbs, with mogul bi-post base
Recycled Mazda carbon light bulbs
Round 1000 Watt coiled tungsten floodlight bulbs
Antique automotive headlight bulbs
Cartons of old clear flashbulbs
1950's GE Deluxe GA-50, yellow mushroom-like 50 Watt bulbs
Aerolux cheer lights neon & argon figural flower glow bulbs, New York 2-3 Watt 110 Volt
GE C6 christmas tree lamps light bulbs

Rare Light Bulbs

These are some of the most expensive I've seen:

1888 frosted Edison light bulb, excellent working condition (sold for $405) [1] [2]
1888 clear Edison Bulb with "Edison Patents" sticker, excellent condition (sold for $565) [1] [2]
1886 Edison light bulb (sold for $1,112) [1] [2] [3]
Bernstein-Heisler streetlighting bulb with T-H base (sold for $710) [1] [2]
Reddy Kilowatt neon glow bulb with base (sold for $740) [1]
Edison light bulb with T-H adapter (sold for $590) [1]
Cobalt Blue 'New Type Edison' light bulb, c. 1895, 16c 112v (sold for $292) [1] [2]
1906 Albert Miller light bulb (sold for $88) [1] [2] [3]
Another Albert Miller light bulb [1]
Westinghouse Tantalum 40w light bulb (sold for $277) [1] [2] [3]
Small 12 watt Tantalum light bulb (sold for $212) [1] [2]
GE 25 watt Tantalum light bulb (sold for $135) [1]
Huge, round, mogul-based Westinghouse tungsten light bulb (sold for $168) [1] [2] [3]
Westinghouse pin-base light bulb with hairpin filament (sold for $91) [1] [2] [3]
Westinghouse "stopper" light bulb (reserve not met, $812) [1] [2] [3]
Ruby red Shelby light bulb (sold for $113) [1]
Sterling Spiral light bulb (also exists as "Sterling Special") [1] [2] [3]

Odd Light Bulbs

Some of the weirdest bulbs I've come across:

Dutch HOLLITE bulb with bayonet base (listing ended early) [1]
French ETOILE HYDRA bulb, bayonet-based (listing ended early) [1] [2] [3]
Very odd projection bulb, bi-post base [1]
Extremely odd bulb with vent tubes on sides (sold for $3) [1]
1900's Westinghouse pin-base bulb, with black glass insulation! [1]