Light Bulb Photos Sent By Visitors

Below you will find photos of antique and vintage light bulbs provided by website visitors. If you would like to apply to have yours posted here, please contact me. I'm mostly interested in keeping this page devoted to rare and unusual light bulbs, but I wouldn't reject photos of more common bulbs if it's clear you made an effort to take beautiful photos. Please don't forget to specify how you would like to be credited, or if you would like to remain anonymous. Preference will be given to high quality, non-blurry photos with uniform white backgrounds, good lighting and few reflections. Copyrights of all photos submitted will remain with the person who provided them. Up to 10 photos can be posted per light bulb. And if you're a collector and have a huge amount of photos of many bulbs, I may have to give you your own gallery!

1885 rare Bernstein horseshoe filament series light bulb with Heisler plug base, teal glass stem 5amp 20cp found in NY home dec-2019
C.1925 200w early coiled tungsten filament tipped national mazda light bulb by Marvin Heston mar-2020
Huge 5000w GE movie studio light bulb tungsten filament with mogul bi-post base by Allen from Colorado jul-2020
C.1889 New Type Edison bamboo filament light bulb pat. feb-14-1880 16cp 117v by Mark Richichi sep-2020
Early tipped neon bulb DGG Franklin letter C 220v 3.5w by Linden, UK aug-2020